Thursday, December 11, 2008

Watch the news!!

I was never one for watching too much news - esp on the news channels the way they sensationalized. Today - post 26/11 - I actually take time to watch Arnab Goswami on TIMES NOW and RAJDEEP SARDESAI on CNN-IBN!!

I'm not saying that they've changed their colors overnite...
But maybe I've grown to like BIG BROTHER.

I am not Winston Smith from Orwellian literature. But i cannot help but feel like him - from time to time. Am I seeing the truth...? Is it the truth out there??
I look for answers - i see history through many a colored filter - tinted to the shade that they would like me to believe!

I wonder if I will even recognize the truth when I see it.
Will you?
Maybe we are all in LOVE with BIG BROTHER and cannot do without our daily dose of HATE!