Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rigging the polls

I wonder if Johnny Boy stands the littlest of chances of convincing the folks stateside that he is the better man.Maybe I'm being quick to pass judgment and maybe I shall have to eat CROW!!
But methinks - maybe it's time for him to outsource some work to India.

We can be great at rigging the polls, capturing the booths ... and generally getting him the swing votes in areas he never thinks he's gonna win!
He definitely needs external help - and also since most Indians support Obama... it'll look like the other side did it.
I wonder if he even considered it....cos we're the experts and I'm sure that there'd be working discounts for him given the workload involved.

It's better than wasting millions on TV Ads
Wotsay folks??


Moses John Wesley said...
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Moses John Wesley said...

johnnyboy says:
Well since you choose to do the work, I will 'manage' it :P