Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Book Load!

We spend a lot of time cribbing that kids today have too much of a load. they have to carry so many books and it becomes impossible for them to focus. They end up succumbing to this peer pressure and then shit happens!

Then I happened to stop at a red light in the city. There was a child with a load of books. But he looked at them for succor - not as a load! He was not studying them - but could tell the price of each of them by rote!
He'd sit down for a few minutes to give himself a breather.... then it was back to the grind.

Let's be thankful that our parents could afford to school us. Let's be thankful that our teachers pestered us and made us do our homework. Let's be thankful that the pressures endured then - have made us something - now!
Let's be thankful that god was merciful!

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Ashish Surana said...

I am really surprised that no one commented on this !!!

I always think the same what you wrote but "Human" mind is stupid to make us think of what we don't have rather then what we have !!!

((I am an exception))