Monday, September 8, 2008

The BALA needs a kick in the Ba**s!!

Yes Mr Thackeray we hear you.
We know you will stand by your words and won't allow release of films starring Bachchans.

Well, I'm an Indian.. not from Mumbai (even though I spent a good 60% of my life there) or from Delhi. Just - Indian!
 So if I say that I want to talk in Hindi or English or Telugu - what's our goddamn problem old man?
Yes - you will prevent my films from being released too... so yes - i know you get your kicks from there old fella... !!

In this day and age when international borders are becoming porus why do we put up with such hitting-the-fan kinda rhetoric that sets off the mind-fuse?

Maybe if we (or even I) were allowed to kick him him in the balls.. then we'd know if he screamed in Hindi, Marathi, English or Sanskrit. Just like music - pain is also a universal language!!!


Mansi Trivedi said...

When will things eventually change?

Red Eyes said...

I share your views and love your blog.

*Aham* said...

I agree with you. completely.

i sincerely hope though that this isnt a publicity stunt. in politics everything is possible. I am surprised that a controversy comes up only when a bachchan film is up for release.

Films has big bucks... some for teh T's wouldnt make much of a difference... anyways both get mutual publicity...

I am not saying that it is so... what i am ssaying is that this could be so.