Monday, September 29, 2008

The Next Presidente!!!

Guess what ...  The American president is no longer just the AMERICAN president.
He has an effect on all of us across the world.

I bumped into this weblog.. which has the voting lines open .....GO ON and cast your vote... have your say!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lets kill the politicians first!!

So Oscar goes on Public record and says that the Company CEO had it coming.
Well - methinks the politicians that manage the country haven't done a good job either.

Why don't we go ahead anad take the law into our hands and lynch them too!!!

Democracy is about free expression of views, thoughts and actions within the accepted parameters of the law.

This is not France, circa 1789. We are in 2008.
There are safeguards built into the system whereby employees are protected to a large extent. I work in a manufacturing unit - and am aware of the stringent conditions imposed on the MANAGEMENT to ensure that the employees don't get a raw deal.

Then again, there is a recourse available at various levels for mis-MANAGEMENT.
VIOLENCE is not the answer - because it works both ways. And it is expected that those in positions of GOVERNANCE will put a ZIP on their mouths when necessary - rather than play electoral games on sensitive issues.
Mr Fernandes would do well not to forget that the same companies and their managements pay the politicians to conduct their elections!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The BALA needs a kick in the Ba**s!!

Yes Mr Thackeray we hear you.
We know you will stand by your words and won't allow release of films starring Bachchans.

Well, I'm an Indian.. not from Mumbai (even though I spent a good 60% of my life there) or from Delhi. Just - Indian!
 So if I say that I want to talk in Hindi or English or Telugu - what's our goddamn problem old man?
Yes - you will prevent my films from being released too... so yes - i know you get your kicks from there old fella... !!

In this day and age when international borders are becoming porus why do we put up with such hitting-the-fan kinda rhetoric that sets off the mind-fuse?

Maybe if we (or even I) were allowed to kick him him in the balls.. then we'd know if he screamed in Hindi, Marathi, English or Sanskrit. Just like music - pain is also a universal language!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Book Load!

We spend a lot of time cribbing that kids today have too much of a load. they have to carry so many books and it becomes impossible for them to focus. They end up succumbing to this peer pressure and then shit happens!

Then I happened to stop at a red light in the city. There was a child with a load of books. But he looked at them for succor - not as a load! He was not studying them - but could tell the price of each of them by rote!
He'd sit down for a few minutes to give himself a breather.... then it was back to the grind.

Let's be thankful that our parents could afford to school us. Let's be thankful that our teachers pestered us and made us do our homework. Let's be thankful that the pressures endured then - have made us something - now!
Let's be thankful that god was merciful!