Monday, August 18, 2008

Denigrating women!

The stuff below has been taken from the TOI WEBSITE
MTV has been issued notice for "denigration" of women in its hugely popular reality show 'Splitsvilla'. The programme has 20 teenaged girls seeking the attention of two boys who are the judges and must choose between the girls. Targeted at the youth, the reality show winners have a chance of becoming VJs besides earning fame and fortune.

The information and broadcasting (I&B) ministry received a complaint about an episode telecast on July 12 that was found to be in bad taste and denigrated women by objectifying the girls. It has issued a notice to the channel demanding an explanation within 15 days.

I do watch that programme from time to time.The young ladies made a decision to be a part of the whole deal. So BiTChinG comes with the package....

I also happened to see that last episode.... and seriously.... we've objectified so many things that making ONE BAKRA doesn't really hack it!!

You wanna make a statement... make it in a manner of speaking that does justice...!!

You wanna stop denigrating women.. then kick the asses of those who parade them naked in public... whip those ar******s that burn wives for dowry.....punish those who kill the female foetus... imprison them who rape women......

.... and then come to MTV and ask them to stop denigrating women....!!

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