Monday, July 21, 2008

There’s talk going around that Ms.Mayawati is going to be made the Prime Minister of this country in case the incumbents are herded out.

Now that’s an interesting proposition. Please note that if you’re on your way home from office you will be instructed to go straight on BR Ambedkar marg, through Ambedkar nagar. Take a right turn from Ambedkar chowk and go straight along Kanshi ram marg! Get to the Ambedkar roundabout, go straight and then the first right onto Mahamaya marg!!
Ask someone for directions and they’ll be spouting names from the lexicon of Dalit greats!!
So this is the lighter side of things to come - gesture politics they call it. There’s a hard side too.

For once I’m not playing diplomatic. No more mister nice guy. Just plain talk.

We cannot allow folks off the reservation to come and take us over. The country does not need “this” heroine right now. I’d so much prefer team effort. Bringing her into power will undermine the gains and forward movement of the last 2 decades. We will have lots of statues being erected across the capital (to start with) and a pre ponderence of sycophants who utilize this time in the sun to make lots of hay... our hay!!
Her outlook is not national. It is a fractured composition viewed through the lens of one who carries a chip on the shoulder after decades of perceived victimization and is looking to get even. Her party’s mandate is from one state alone and she cannot be made to govern all else as well.

Let's have a time out get some work done people!!!

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