Monday, July 21, 2008

Fall from Power!

Dropping one government for myriad reasons is fine by me, It’s not that anyone else in their place could have done better.
They were not responsible for the oil price hike or that of the inflation that is in double digits now. The inflation is part and parcel of thle growth syndrome. Yes - the nuclear deal is not a bad one. It may not fit in with glasnost as espoused by our comrades - but it ain’t a bad deal.

I’m not hinting at underhanded RUSSKIE tricks to make sure that this whole deal comes undone - but it’s possible. It would have been fine if we had some other options to ensure that our energy needs were met. Now we have to rely on the pipeline through Iran or hope that we get drilling rights in Siberia if and when the are opens up. Drilling for oil in the Spratly islands will always be fraught with risk cos’ the are has a disputed ownership.

We live in a world where there’s one super power at present. I don’t approve of US hegemony - yes - a multipolar world is definitely preferred to a unipolar setup. But there are a lot of folks out there who see the coming together of the worlds largest democracies as a bigger threat. These are the people who thrive on chaos - other people’s problems!

Our political parties cannot agree on any one thing. I’m sure the government has its share of faults. I dislike the myriad multiple taxation policies in place at present. I grudge the govt babus who have nothing to do all day except twiddle their thumbs and throw spanners in the works for the rest of us. But this has little to do with which party is in power. The fact that we have a stable coalition say things about our leadership which has held together for most of their duration. That may end tomorrow. I hope it continues - for the sake of the country.
Reasons being :
  • We don’t have a suitable alternative in mind with the requisite strength in the lower house.
  • Mid-Term calculation cost a bomb. All taxpayers money (as always).
  • The next government can’t halt inflation, price rise , global oil prices or increase our growth rate to double digits.

What needs to be done is to take a national outlook. Drop the horse trading, regional agenda, fractured points of view and work towards the betterment of India.

So what is this India? Well - it’s a concept, an idea that existed in the minds of the fore runners - the ones who fought tooth and nail with satyagraha and brought us our freedom. I’m sure the current state of affairs was not one they’d every thought up!!

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