Monday, May 26, 2008

Murder Murder Everywhere...

To read the newspaper these days one requires to summon up a great amount of guts. The papers these days are choc-a-bloc with murders and more murders.And all horrifying gruesome ones which completely shake one's very faith in humanity.

Case I: The Aarushi Talwar case
Double murder of the daughter of the house and the elderly servant. Parents discover the murder of their daughter next morning. Blame the servant who is also missing. Police immediately announce that the servant is the killer and announce reward to anyone offering information about him. Next day servant's body is also discovered on the terrace with bloodstains all around. Now whodunnit? Police find no clues. Immediately accuse the poor bereaved father within a week of the two murders.

So from the family's point of view - two tragedies - gruesome murders and accused father. Mother says daddy was sleeping all along next to her and he dote don his daughter.

Police says daddy was having an extra-marital and daughter got to know and condemned it so daddy bumped her off. The bit about daddy bumping of servant is still a little hazy. Whether he killed him first or after killing daughter cuz he witnessed it - either daddy knows and won't tell or daddy doesn't know know and can't tell. Police arrested daddy without any shred of real evidence except for some so-called confession. Duhhhh....tht confessions would never hold up in court. And murder weapon - what's that. NOIDA police has spoken - Daddy is the killer.

Another story doing the rounds says that daddy found servant and daughter in an 'objectionable but not compromising' position and killed them in a fit of rage. Well if he did so, did he always keep his scalpel and hammer handy for such purpose, and after killing them go right back to bed for beauty sleep?

The media has wasted no time in sensationalizing the whole tale - and that includes potshots at the NOIDA police for their shoddy work or wondering if daddy really did it and violating the mother's grief and privacy at this double tragedy or in relating story after story about how the murdered girl spoke some 688 times in 45 days with some boy or in surmising that she had certain relations with the servant or in how other children have suffered psychologically after following the case and having discovered that her father has allegedly killed her. Page after page of newsprint or minute after minute of reel have been devoted to this.

Case II: Neeraj Grover case
Deceased victim was a producer. Lady was smalltime actress trying to make it big and willing to do whatever it takes, inculding sleeping with producer dude behind her naval officer boyfriend's back. So naval officer boyfriend gets to know actress-girlfriend is sleeping with producer, drives down to Mumbai, reaches girlfriend's place in the early hours of the next morning. Finds ladylove in skimpy clothes and producer dude naked. Stabs producer dude in a fit of rage. Till here the story is still conceivable. Its the part which follows which is gruesome.

Thereafter with the dead body still there boyfriend and girlfriend have sex. Then girlfriend goes and buys big bags and a knife. Together they chop body and stuff into the bags. Borrow a car, buy petrol and dispose off mutilated body parts in a jungle after burning with petrol. Then girlfriend plays dumb for a week and finally confesses. I wonder why? Does she hope for a lenient sentence cuz she confessed?

Case III: Innumerable stories of people having been drugged/killed by their unverified servants who have then robbed them blind.

Case IV: Various stories of drunken driving and accidents - mostly where the car ends up in a scrap pile and the driver and passengers on the pyre.

Case V: Rapes and more rapes. Some as unbelievable as where the one where the father jailed his own daughter for 24 years in a basement jail below his home and had 6 children with her, and the mother was blissfully unaware and verily believed that her daughter had run off to join some religious cult where children were unwanted and dumped them on her parent's doorstep.

Case VI: Election/ Political violence - be it in Nandigram or in Rajasthan.

Do I need to prove my point further?

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Rachita Bansal said...

Point taken. Filial values are rapidly heading for a downfall and the current societal strucuture is only but propagating it. The stress of our lives, leaves us impatient, ready to snap and generally high on rage quotient.