Monday, May 26, 2008

License Raj!!

Do you have a TV at home..???

Do you have a license for it...???

If yes, then have you renewed it this year????

I ran into these old documents last month as a OPERATION TIDY UP was in progress. This one in particular caught my attention. I thought I was hallucinating.... but no.. 25 years ago - one needed a license to own a TV or a radio....

I laughed alound as i read the archaic conditions imposed on the folks back then. In this day and age of information flow - it seems like another world altogether. Getting a TV is smal fry - I can just imagine what they'd do for the bigger stuff.

1 comment:

Just PK said...

very interesting...i did not know this...wonder if it was for comman man...coz i dont remember my folks owning any license or talk about the same while i grew up !!!