Friday, April 11, 2008

Reservations Zindabad

27% reservations for OBCs.
25% reservation for management quota
10% reservation for donation students
5% reservation for political quota
5% reservation for sports quota
72% seats gone

So now the rest of us common folks who can't afford to get in through donations or management quota or know any politician to grant us favours or haven't represented the country in any sports arena battle for the balance 28% seats on the ranbhoomi of the entrance exam. So we have lacs and lacs of students trying to get one of the few thousand seats.

Any wonder that parents are now so desperate for their child to do well , that so much pressure is put on the kids these days to excel in academics and sports and extra-curricular activities.

The quota system had been introduced in the early years of our independence for the purpose of giving a fillip to the economically and socially backward classes - but the catch was that the quota system would be on only for a certain period and was to be abolished after a certain period of time.

However, our vote hungry netas have used, misused and abused the quota system to garner votes and divide society on the lines of caste; which by the way was to be abolished as well. But no, most of the forms which we fill up still ask for 'Mother Tongue' and 'Caste'.

Maybe its time we also started demanding for quotas for ourselves or else by the time its for the next generation to get into schools and colleges, there would be no seats left thanks to all the various quotas.


Arjun said...

On what basis will you demand a quota??
And who's listening to you?
You are not OBC... or SC or ST.. or a MINORITY.....

.... when they've finalized reservation in Parliament .. mebbe then ... you'll get your chance to save the country!!

The Muser said...

By the time the politicians have finished reserving various quotas, we poor folk will have become a minority and an endangered species unto ourselves