Friday, March 21, 2008

Smoking Kills!!

heck - we all know that!!
it's a proven fact.. or so the medical specialists would have us believe!

We also have a population problem!!

So why not reduce the taxes on cigarettes and let more people bite the bullet!
Instead - we go and decide to levy a FINE on organizations committed to downsizing. How cheap is that?
Mr Ramadoss or whatever he is called has taken it upon himself to eradicate SMOKING!!
But it's not in our national interest to do so. We are infringing on the right to FIRE & SMOKE. Every man / woman lives - to get WARM - so if the fire is under the backside, in the belly or in the mouth - the KEY point is to get warm!
The HEALTH MINISTER does not give 2 hicks for the HEALTH of the country and this is all due to Western influence from crazy NGOs and Greenpeace authorities.

If people want to KILL themselves and reduce the burdgeoning pressure on our infrastructure - so be it. Why make them live a life of misery and traffic jams when they can be in heaven watching over us?

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