Friday, March 14, 2008

Rape In Goa

Rape is a heinous crime.
The perpetrators should be severely dealt with. This punishment should be physical & set a precedent.

Scarlett was 15.
They found her body on the beach.
She drowned to death after being sexually assaulted by 2 Indians.
It is shameful.
There was a public outcry.
The police caught the criminals.
The criminals confessed.
So does that close the chapter or open up another can of worms?

The finger pointing is happening and words such as corruption and cover up are becoming commonplace.
But that don't solve our problem - collective as it is. We have a very short memory when it comes to horrific incidents and the pigeons within, take over.
I wouldn't want to be raped (yes men also get raped) and I wouldn't wish it on anyone around me.It's high time we started respecting women and controlled our libido.

I did a google search of rape+goa threw up 299,000 results
The refined search of "rape in goa" threw up 699 results

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