Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lead us not into temptation

The poor taxman...!!
He lived an honest life..... always running from his wife..... trying to avoid strife.
Then he met the snake.... ate a few apples and ended up with an upset tummy....!!
He took a chance with fate and ended up taking the bait....poor fella ended up getting late!
Why does and honest man become dishonest?
Why does a "star" performer hobnob with criminals?
Why is there a need to take the risk with one's reputation and credibility?

Maybe he didn't earn enough. But he already knew that when he took up the job.
Maybe he had some additional requirements. So he could have taken a loan for that.
Maybe he was framed.. it happens all the times in films..!

No point in playing around with Maybes. The media plays its own part in making people famous or infamous. We as individuals must play our own part. But it would not be wise to sit on judgement on the man just yet. We can however sit on judgement on the criminal act. So what do we do to solve the problem?
I say - shoot the buggers... and those who bribe them as well....

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