Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Another BMW Case...

So we have another BMW case. Person in question this time is the grandson of a former Punjab Chief Minister who ran over hit a stationary truck and critically injured 4 labourers with his BMW.

Of course he was not heavily drunk, out of the question my dear friend - the gentleman in question Mr. Gurmeet Singh, is the paragon of virtue. How stupid of the labourers to park their truck on the side of the road to repair a punctured tyre. Dumb labourers.

And of course the fact that he is the grandson of a former Chief Minister provides Mr. Gurmeet Singh immunity from the judicial system. That's only for common folks like you and me.

Maybe one of the reporters should give Mr. Singh Mr. Nanda's phone number. They have alot in common; and Mr. Nanda can even give Mr. Singh some tips.


Rachita Bansal said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. Rash young men from the north should be whipped silly in my opinion. I liked your style of writing and hope to be a regular. But how did you discover my blog?

P.S: Please change the colour of the tabs on your page. I could't read the headers or the "post a comment" tab.

Accord said...

Do either of you know him or the facts of the case ? Or just being judgemental as most ignorant people are ?