Friday, March 14, 2008

Cleaning up the system!

The computer guy always calls and says - I hope you cleaned up your system. I make it a point to do every once in a while...never exceeding a fortnight.

The thought behind this blog - is to put in an effort - to be fair, to type out thoughts on the suffering and the corruption around me. I don't claim to be able to solve all the problems or have solutions - but yeah - I do have an opinion!

We've been saying it for over 3 decades and more- this system sucks. Yes it does. But so do we - for allowing it to bludgeon our independence.

It's time to wake up folks.
Maybe this opinion will help...

This space will have a 1 daily writeup at least. Maybe more, on days of higher motivation.
This is not intended to be a soft blog or that it will not hurt peoples feelings. I have a basic understanding of right & wrong, good & bad, black & white... Our problems start with GREY!

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anonymuse said...

Very true.We are like the armchair critics who have these grandiose visions of the Government making our country a utopian state - but then one thing we all forget is that we are also a vital part of this country. if we don't speak up today, we shall have to remain silent forever; and continue to accept the prevailing state of affairs.