Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Another BMW Case...

So we have another BMW case. Person in question this time is the grandson of a former Punjab Chief Minister who ran over hit a stationary truck and critically injured 4 labourers with his BMW.

Of course he was not heavily drunk, out of the question my dear friend - the gentleman in question Mr. Gurmeet Singh, is the paragon of virtue. How stupid of the labourers to park their truck on the side of the road to repair a punctured tyre. Dumb labourers.

And of course the fact that he is the grandson of a former Chief Minister provides Mr. Gurmeet Singh immunity from the judicial system. That's only for common folks like you and me.

Maybe one of the reporters should give Mr. Singh Mr. Nanda's phone number. They have alot in common; and Mr. Nanda can even give Mr. Singh some tips.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lead us not into temptation

The poor taxman...!!
He lived an honest life..... always running from his wife..... trying to avoid strife.
Then he met the snake.... ate a few apples and ended up with an upset tummy....!!
He took a chance with fate and ended up taking the bait....poor fella ended up getting late!
Why does and honest man become dishonest?
Why does a "star" performer hobnob with criminals?
Why is there a need to take the risk with one's reputation and credibility?

Maybe he didn't earn enough. But he already knew that when he took up the job.
Maybe he had some additional requirements. So he could have taken a loan for that.
Maybe he was framed.. it happens all the times in films..!

No point in playing around with Maybes. The media plays its own part in making people famous or infamous. We as individuals must play our own part. But it would not be wise to sit on judgement on the man just yet. We can however sit on judgement on the criminal act. So what do we do to solve the problem?
I say - shoot the buggers... and those who bribe them as well....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Smoking Kills!!

heck - we all know that!!
it's a proven fact.. or so the medical specialists would have us believe!

We also have a population problem!!

So why not reduce the taxes on cigarettes and let more people bite the bullet!
Instead - we go and decide to levy a FINE on organizations committed to downsizing. How cheap is that?
Mr Ramadoss or whatever he is called has taken it upon himself to eradicate SMOKING!!
But it's not in our national interest to do so. We are infringing on the right to FIRE & SMOKE. Every man / woman lives - to get WARM - so if the fire is under the backside, in the belly or in the mouth - the KEY point is to get warm!
The HEALTH MINISTER does not give 2 hicks for the HEALTH of the country and this is all due to Western influence from crazy NGOs and Greenpeace authorities.

If people want to KILL themselves and reduce the burdgeoning pressure on our infrastructure - so be it. Why make them live a life of misery and traffic jams when they can be in heaven watching over us?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

bye bye Taslima

She's been here for a decade and lived well. Her life could have been toast - had she continued to reside in Bangladesh.

The government took care and never charged her a buck for it.

After all that - the stupid bi*** has the gall to call us inhuman, saying that we have pushed her towards death. Well - I personally don't give a shit about why she's alive today.

Maybe we could just deport her to Bangladesh and let them finish the job on her.
Bye Bye Taslima "lajja" at all!!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

The US Dollar is back on track!

God knows what a sigh of relief I heave - when the US $ starts to appreciate against the Indian rupee.
It's stabilized a lil over 40 and I hope it goes back to the 45+ levels... Of course you importers would hate me for it!! But thats the only way of making exports rosy & viable!
So the sub-prime crisis in the US is not all that bad.... it got the US companies to shift funds overseas.... got our market down a bit.... created a demand for the US $ and consequently an increase in the Value of teh US $ vis-a-vis the Indian Rupee....
Simple economics...... but it's left a trail of destruction behind it.

I feel sad for the Americans... but amused at their sense of Logic at giving loans to those who wouldn't qualify for it in the logical sense of the word! Then Murphy struck & all risk management was thrown to the wind!!

I wonder IF they can recover from this...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Healthy Tuesdays!!

Don't fall ill on Tuesdays - at least not in Gurgaon. The powers that be have decided that all chemists will remain shut on Tuesdays.

The decision comes in the wake of the government order to shut shop for commercial establishments on Tuesdays and thereby conserve some electricity. Chemists - due to their inherent commercial nature were selling stuff besides prescription drugs. So they were classified as DEPARTMENTAL STORES - would you believe that!!

So what happens if I need medicine on Tuesday... Well, nothing - literally!!

Here on forward - all sickness to be confined to Wednesday. And we let these jokers govern us ;-)
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Joy of Learning????/

Surely a misnomer...think about the pressures we heap on the child as soon as the child is old enough to walk.

The trials of getting through a good playschool to guarantee entrance into a good school thereafter, the trials of gettign through a good school, then drawing classes, dance classes, swimming classes, extra lessons after school etc etc etc for the all-round development of the child. Then starts the academics pressure. Be first in class, gold medal in sports, pre-term exams, mid-term exams, end term exams, daily assessment, pre-boards, boards...then come the entrance exams to get through a half-way decent college, then again be the top in your class, then of course CAT/ GMAT etc etc.

Children today enter the rat-race from the age of 2. They can tell you the why and the how of high tide and low tide, but ask them if they have ever seen the waves going out and run along with them on the beach - you get a blank stare.

Is it any wonder then that one headline everyday tells us about the latest student to commit suicide bogged down by the exam tension and pressure? Definitely worth a thought.

Moral Policing

Lets first define the word “MORAL”.
Well, it’s an adjective concerned with the principles of right and wrong and the goodness or badness of human character. It is concerned with or adhering to the code of interpersonal behavior that is considered right or acceptable in a particular society.
“POLICING” on the other hand is the verb associated with prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order.
Hence MORAL POLICING is a bit of preventing crimes associated with interpersonal behavior which are unacceptable in a particular society.

LOVE is not covered under the word CRIME.
KISSING is definitely not a CRIME.
MAKING LOVE in public may be a considered VISUALLY GRATIFYING... but it’s definitely not a CRIME.

We live in a democratic and secular republic where freedom of expression in enshrined in the constitution. It is the very basis of it.

So why is the expression of LOVE throttled as if it were a CRIME?
Why is LOVE made out to be synonymous with MARRIAGE?
Why are young couples humiliated if they spend time together?
What’s wrong with accepting a day like Valentines day and making something of it for ourselves?

I wish I could put all this down to misguided politics searching for a VOTE BANK. Somehow the mind refuses to comprehend that thread of thinking. It’s something deeper.
It’s an insecurity that stems from not being loved and respected (for obvious reasons). So they are unhappy and well... it's kinda like a forced infection that they intend to transfer!

Off with their heads, I say!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Rape In Goa

Rape is a heinous crime.
The perpetrators should be severely dealt with. This punishment should be physical & set a precedent.

Scarlett was 15.
They found her body on the beach.
She drowned to death after being sexually assaulted by 2 Indians.
It is shameful.
There was a public outcry.
The police caught the criminals.
The criminals confessed.
So does that close the chapter or open up another can of worms?

The finger pointing is happening and words such as corruption and cover up are becoming commonplace.
But that don't solve our problem - collective as it is. We have a very short memory when it comes to horrific incidents and the pigeons within, take over.
I wouldn't want to be raped (yes men also get raped) and I wouldn't wish it on anyone around me.It's high time we started respecting women and controlled our libido.

I did a google search of rape+goa threw up 299,000 results
The refined search of "rape in goa" threw up 699 results

Cleaning up the system!

The computer guy always calls and says - I hope you cleaned up your system. I make it a point to do every once in a while...never exceeding a fortnight.

The thought behind this blog - is to put in an effort - to be fair, to type out thoughts on the suffering and the corruption around me. I don't claim to be able to solve all the problems or have solutions - but yeah - I do have an opinion!

We've been saying it for over 3 decades and more- this system sucks. Yes it does. But so do we - for allowing it to bludgeon our independence.

It's time to wake up folks.
Maybe this opinion will help...

This space will have a 1 daily writeup at least. Maybe more, on days of higher motivation.
This is not intended to be a soft blog or that it will not hurt peoples feelings. I have a basic understanding of right & wrong, good & bad, black & white... Our problems start with GREY!